Month: December 2023

Sharif & Sons Tiles and Sanitary Store

In the heart of a bustling urban landscape, Sharif and Sons Tiles and Sanitary Store stood as a cornerstone of quality and reliability. Founded by Haji Sharif Sahib decades ago, the business had become synonymous with top-notch tiles, sanitaryware, and exemplary customer service. The Origin:Haji Sharif Sahib, a visionary entrepreneur, started the business with a […]

Academia and Industrial Mentor

“Start where you are. Use what you have. Do what you can.” — Arthur Ashe This is Muhammad Saddique. I’m your Academia and Industrial Mentor. AiM is dedicated to delivering high-quality content to our viewers. Our videos are designed to inform, entertain & inspire. We strive to provide engaging content that educates & empowers our […]

They Work 360

The phrase “They work at 360 degrees” is often used metaphorically to describe individuals or teams that possess a comprehensive set of skills, are versatile, and can address a wide range of tasks or challenges. Here’s how you might elaborate on this concept: In a professional context, individuals or teams that work at 360 degrees […]

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